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CarClass Rent a car


The valid rates are those mentioned in the rates’ list on the day of the rental. If the client does not meet the requirements necessary to calculate a special renting rate, the rate for a 24 hour (one day) rental will be applied. In addition to this rate, a security deposit in amount of 100 € is required. The amount will be used for penalties in case of ascertaining internal or external vehicle damages, theft auto parts, loss of car documents or loss of vehicle keys. The amount is refundable upon the return in good condition of the car, including all documents, accessories and equipment.
The fuel is not included in the contract price and is the responsibility of the Client. The vehicle will be delivered with the same level of fuel as when it was collected from CarClass. The possibly missing fuel, stated by the fuel level indicator, will be changed at the rate of 2 €/ liter. The responsibility of oil end car maintenance rest with CarClass. The client is responsible for paying all tolls costs and possible fines received while the vehicle is in his use. In the case of fines, CarClass applies a processing fee for each fine of 5,00 €.

The delivery and collection of the vehicle take place at the time, date and location asked by the Client and mentioned in the Rental Contract, with no supplementary costs anywhere within the limits of Cluj-Napoca City. The vehicle will be delivered to the Client in general good condition, without hidden or visible flaws, any information concerning the car condition being mentioned in the Rental Contract.
The Client will return the vehicle accompanied by documents, accessories and equipment at the location, date and time mentioned in the Rental Contract.
With a notice of late return, within one hour, will not be changed. With a notice of late return, less then 3 hours the change will be half the renting day; a delay longer than 3 hours will be changed as a full renting day.

All the rates are expressed in Euro and include VAT and third parties insurances. The cash payment will be made by the client in advance, in Euro or ROL, at the exchange rate provided by BNR (The National Bank of Romania), for the day of the payment.
If, according to the contract, the renting rate is to be paid by the client at a later date, this date extends to maximum 14 days after the collection of the vehicle. If within the 14 days, the rate remains unpaid by the client, CarClass will apply an interest fee of 1% from the amount due, for every day of delay. If CarClass needs to resort to a third party(court of justice) in order to recuperate the amount due by the client, the latter will pay for all the expenses cause by this action.

Reservations have a compulsory character concerning the rate and the type of vehicle requested. The vehicle must be collected by the client one hour at the latest after the time established in the reservation. After this deadline, the reservation is canceled and the client must pay the equivalent of the base rate (rate for 24h) for the vehicle he requested but that he did not collect in due time, thus compensating the loss caused to CarClass who could have rented the vehicle to another person, had not the reservation been made.

The vehicle can be driven by the client or by other driver(s) appointed by the client and mentioned in the contract, if they posses a valid driving license for at least one year. The client must mention to the CarClass representative the name and address of all the drivers of the vehicle if they are not already named in the contract. All the drivers will contribute to fulfilling the client’s obligations.

The Client agrees to drive the rented vehicle according to the laws concerning the driving on public roads and other regulations such as:
• not using the vehicle for racings, tests or to push or tow other vehicle
• not transporting flammable toxic or dangerous substances
• not renting it to a third person
• no driving on excessive muddy roads and roads closed for the public uses
• checking all the time the car gauges, stop immediately the vehicle and inform the car Owner in any cases of malfunctioning or defective behavior
• not driving over the speed limit in effect on the public roads.
Not respecting the regulations mentioned above, the car damages deposit can be retained and the full payment for all repairing is required to be paid by the client to bring the vehicle to the initial functioning state.

The client can perform repairs in authorized garages only with the prior approval and according to the instructions of the CarClass representative. If the Client is not responsible for the damages that had been repaired while the vehicle was in his possession, the Client will be refunded based on the invoice and receipt issued on the half of CarClass, accompanied by the repairs report. If the repairs performed by the Client do not exceed 50 €, these repairs can be done by the client without the prior approval of CarClass representatives.

The report to Police is mandatory in case of accident, theft, fire, act of vandalism. The Police will ascertain the damages and will issue a report and the repair authorization. These documents are indispensable for the insurance in order to operate and to repair the vehicle. The report to the Police is mandatory in all cases: the Client is responsible for the accident, the Client is casualty, the Client is the only one involved, the responsible part is unknown (parking damages) etc. Without this document the client takes full responsibility for the repairing costs.
The Client must inform CarClass about the accident, theft, fire, act of vandalism within 24 hours, by submitting a written report describing the event. This report must include the name and addresses of the persons involved and of the witnesses, plus the license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident.

In case of damages caused by the Client’s negligence up to 100 €, these damages will be charged entirely to the Client by transforming the security deposit that he had paid in advance, into a nonrefundable one. The deposit will be used by CarClass in the purpose of repairing the damages caused by the Client to the vehicle.
In case of accident or theft caused by unproper use of the vehicle, the costs of the damages will not be charged to the customer, they will be paid by the insurance company. However, the Client will be responsible for paying the cost of the transport of the vehicle from the place of the accident to the garage authorized by CarClass to perform the necessary repairs. The Client will also be responsible for paying a penalty fee to CarClass, consisting in the amount equivalent to the base rate of renting the specific vehicle, multiplied by 10 ( 10 coresponding to 10 days, which is the minimum period of time necessary for repairing the car, period in which CarClass cannot use the vehicle).

CarClass is responsible for events caused by its own negligence or by its nonrespect of the contractual obligations.